Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CSR International: Upcoming Events & Dates to Diarise

As we count down to the official launch of CSR International on 4 March, I thought I'd share with you some of the exciting events that are planned for the coming months. There are basically three kinds of events:

1. CSR Masterclasses - 1-day events in the fourth week of every month, usually on a Friday in London (except in April where we run 3 in a row). We will probably introduce these in an online webinar format for global participants starting in May.

2. CSR Thought-Leader Webinars - run online every Tuesday, alternating between 9 am and 4.30 pm UK-time slots (to ensure as much global participation as possible)

3. CSR Networking Meetings - evening events (6-8 pm) run on the first Wednesday of every month in London (we will add more organically as the CSR International City Hubs get established around the world)

To see the specific dates and who we have lined up for the Webinars (people like John Elkington and Stuart Hart), download the CSR International 2009 Calendar: